Wednesday, 7 January 2009

A new print at a new stage

Three delightful models!... I made a soft ground etching  - then used aquatint  - which inadvertently put paid to some of the original drawing which hadn't completely etched. Grr. Then I went over with a soft ground again and added a few lines - especially to define the dog.  Yes, its a dog. Then I totally  forgot to cover the back of the plate so that meant the plate heated up  in the acid and I etched a hilarious,unintentional, aleatoric abstract compostion on it for good measure - might print it off one day just to annoy myself.. meanwhile .. well.  This process definitely isn't spontaneous but I am slowly catching on - only experience and our mistakes can teach us of course and I am a great one for wanting to run before I can walk..
a bientot