Saturday, 9 February 2008

With you I can live (1)

A stroke of good fortune, this couple posed for me late last year and I am beginning to work with my sketches. This watercolour is a very quick, instinctive response to my fact-finding original pencil sketch. I like the title (a cast-off from Tracey Emin) because it means more than one thing. (With you I can live (1) watercolour and ink on paper A4 2008) As I was just saying to a friend, no matter whether male or female, fat or thin, old or young, the nude is always a beautiful thing to draw. The only thing more beautiful than that is two nudes, entwined. There is an infinity of possibilities once you start to look. At that point you forget what you are actually looking at and lose yourself in the landscape of the figures.
a bientot

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