Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Spring sketches no 8

Sometimes with short poses we choose what to notate and what to leave out ...

... and sometimes we try to include everything including the kitchen sink when there really isn't time.. (two short poses, chalk on sugar paper, A3,  2009)

a bientot


Anonymous said...

Really love the color with this. Sugar paper? I also am drawn to her expression.

Jane Walker said...

Thanks you Sheri .. e paper is A3 sized sugar paper from a block I buy from a local educational toy store.. I love having the colour to work off because white is such a challenge you have to somehow break it first..

As for the model - one of my favourites though a little bit cheeky so some definite expressions come over.. she is posing again for the same group shortly as i know becasue I get their mailings.. a little bit sad I don't live there any more and can't often get over to join them. I need to find a model and get people to share now I have room here. Need to get my fluency back..