Friday, 18 March 2011

Spring Sketches Series No 1

I made this sketch a while ago ... (couple, ink and wash, A5 , 2005) My friend Sheri sent me a beautiful drawing recently and the subject reminded me so much of this one of my own.... then I thought of blogging some of these sketches while I am on the point of getting a studio and getting back down to work again. It will help get me in the mood after too long a break.

This is an "après Rodin" moment of love. If you want to see Sheri's drawing and her wide range of lovely works made with everything from paintbrush to knitting needle visit Everyday Louise by Sheri La...

a bientot


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Anonymous said...

Beautiful Jane! Happy for you with the new studio, and after such a break you'll be back at your work. Thanks for the mention. Cheers X