Thursday, 24 May 2007

Just a pencil and paper

This is another view of the scene shown in the previous posting. It really is time that we re-arranged the model set.... I made it, maybe, three weeks ago, when I was feeling a bit tired and simply felt like "centering myself" with just a great model, a pencil and a large piece of paper. Lidia is a new model to us, a dancer, and we are all very delighted with her work. To give you a better idea here are also some of the "short poses" that she held earlier that morning, made in chalk on a similar 50 x 70 cms piece of somewhat scrumpled paper. I can sometimes be a bit unprofessional about materials! Tomorrow is model day again....

a bientot


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muddy red shoes said...

he progressing..of on my mini holiday, horrible day working too at weekend xx