Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Just Testing

There, you see, this is what happens when an only averagely tecchie artist googles "blogspot" with the vaguest notion of making a blog. I have not much idea of what I am doing as I stumble around this template programme but somehow I seem to have a blog now - just like that - so far so good... hello everyone.

My blog is going to be a place to share my artworks - mostly life-model and sensual figurative paintings, fairly fresh from the easel. But as I have yet to discover how to insert a picture that is something that remains no more than a forlorn hope for now. Aha - just spotted a button on the toolbar that might be able to help me... Bingo! Look! A picture. This is "Self portrait with Model" which I made a few months ago in oils on canvas, about one meter by one meter thirty, while Gosia posed for one hour. The painting is about the desire the painter feels for the model. It is not really a carnal desire but a desire for the model's beauty as a human form to inspire an artistic result. Only having an hour I had to work fast and not think too much. Hence a sketchy result which I hope makes the painting breathe.
Now I wonder if this rather accelerated introduction to blogging is going to work... ??? ... publish and be dammed, I say! If it works I will post some rather more recent works soon.
a bientot


muddy red shoes said...

Great start I will be back for more. Good Luck Sarah

Alberto, il pittore said...

Congradulations, looking good already! Your art is worth being seen, I'm sure it will inspire many a people.

Alberto, il pittore.