Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Drawing Titi

After a long break at my second home in the depths of France where the internet is so slow there is no chance of adding to the blog..... now I take up my daily entries again.
As I take down my July exhibition and unite works with their purchasers I realise how strongly the theme of artist and model was underlying all the work. At the time I had a much vaguer notion of what was developing. But I am learning that you must trust yourself and work - eventually the concept or tendency will reveal itself.
So before I throw myself into something new, a few thoughts from the striking of the show. Here is a rare work with a male model - usually my co-model painters in our studio prefer females. I must have had a couple of minutes to grab the essentials in that magic medium charcoal - Statuesque Titi, his reflection, and my own reflection. A certain, almost oriental, calligraphic feel to this.. which made me think of finishing it off with a chinese stamp, since discovered to be the wrong way up, which had been in our family for many years, together with my signature, bottom right, just before I framed it. Too bad the photo was made before that; that accent of red made the whole thing sing.
a bientot

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