Friday, 31 August 2007

Emotional desert: no oasis

This painting may well not be finished (Together-alone; 50 x 60 cms, oil on canvas 2005) but I have been living with it for a long while. I have already shown you a more close-up version of the same composition on June 15th in a smaller format in oil pastel - the original long sold and gone. In this oil painting I wanted to create a desert-like emotional landscape in which the alienated couple is marooned, cast adrift in their tension and the woman clinging to the man as if desiring to let down anchor into his spirit. He stares outwards in pain, fearing the closeness, unable to feel it. Smudgy things going on in the space are my "together-alone" trademarks, shoes, candles, shutters. A sad painting; compositionally rather wilfully lawless. I am still waiting for it to tell me why.
a bientot

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