Saturday, 1 September 2007

Alter Ego

A work very highly textured by my standards...(50 x 40 mixed media on canvas, 2004) in fact it began as an exercise in Nicholas Panayi's life room following one of his trips to the DIY shop in search of those guns extruding plaster and polifilla etc for the purposes of experimenting with texture and glazes. Rembrandt would probably have killed for one of those... As for me, as the accompanying sketches all reveal, I made a work where Pambos's somewhat anguished pose is seen reflected in a slanting mirror behind him. It was highly coloured at one point and then I attacked it with what i used to call the Turkish White Glaze of Death, (because some of my Cypriot colleagues had a tendency to paint secrets and then veil them. )
I feel so proud that Alter-ego has joined the wonderful art collection of the Maltese Ambassador to The Hague.
a bientot

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