Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Pen, ink, figure, water, brush

An abstract ink painting no more than 15 cms square which is pretty obviously derived from a group of figures.. I rarely make these dreamy abstractions but when I do they are genuine abstracts in that they start off as a 'real' image, usually of figures, and then are abstracted out and away and often back again.. to restate the figures after a process of transformation... or you could forget all that and just look at it. Its merely a sensual little dream in a sensual medium. This particular ink leaps ecstatically on contact with water and becomes all sorts of colours.. you have to chase it to bring it where you want it and accidental elements are always present to work with and against.
a bientot


Anonymous said...

Love it ! Great insight as to how you go about it.

Alberto, il pittore said...

like your comment " you could forget all that and just look at it."

looks great, powerful piece, lovely colors.