Friday, 7 September 2007

The day size mattered

Our life room has a rhythm of working towards a longish (one hour) pose at the end of the session. I wondered how far I could get with a stick of charcoal in an hour if I worked big - well this is brown paper stuck onto a huge canvas, (130 x 150 cms, charcoal and chalk, 2006) which is great cardio-vascular excercise if you are going to cover it in an hour .. you need a rather statuesque model for this kind of thing.  And you need to make a zillion, trillion decisions in that time.. unfortunately they won't all be the right ones, but it is certainly a challenge. In my limited experience (about 750 hours) I have never seen anyone work this big in the life room - Go on.. spend paper .. would you really rather have a tree than this? Yes, so would I, but this was cast offs from a factory in Limassol so at least my drawing was a better idea than chucking it on the tip. Call it a stay of execution....
a bientot


Anonymous said...

Like this piece a lot !

muddy red shoes said...

that distant foot is lovely and languid, great use of paper by the way!