Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Pambos and Koula

Pambos and Koula posed under what looks like one of those typical cypriot woven ceilings as light flooded through the shutters. (Oil pastel on paper 40 x 30 approx. 2006) The original sketch did not contain the distortions that emphasise the feeling in this pastel drawing. Light has became a sort of silvery liquid, the flesh is pulled and exaggerated in all kinds of ways, the man's hands seem disproportionately large as if to fit them for the purpose of seizing and grasping the woman's ample flesh. The cat, the symbol of lust and desire, seems almost transparent. When the painting's new owners come to re-frame it they will discover the cat who is almost concealed by the frame in which it left me, probably because i was nervous about the off-balanced compositon and wanted to centre it more on the figures. A strange work and a rather soft photograph this time, sorry!
a bientot

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Anonymous said...

Awesome piece ! Love again all your texture.