Monday, 8 December 2008

Last one...

The last and smudgiest of these monoprints. I think this was a very fast one. It is always interesting afterwards  to find what I chose and notated from the scene in front of me. In this one the model becomes integrated with the foliage and objects behind her,  and,  as she leans towards me I just have time to note the back of her hand and the corrugated knuckles  before the line falls away with the curve of her lower leg... and time's up.
a tres vite

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René PleinAir. said...

I 'll definitely should try this technique one day, ...
very inspiring, thanks for posting!

would love to come to the show,
have to see if I can plan that one, ...

Is Alberto also invited?
I would like to meet him also. And
If I may I would like to take


with me as well.