Thursday, 29 May 2008

Bargain Roses from Hooglvliet no 3

There is no getting away from the compositional nuttiness of this one. But it came to me like this. These were my favorites of all the roses so far because they seemed so "pale and interesting", a sort of broken white colour with green tinges.. probably something went terribly wrong at the cultivators but I was delighted when they showed up, about a year ago. (Bargain Roses from Hoogvliet no 3, 40 x 30 cms, oil on gauze-covered canvas 2007) It is not really a portrait of them but more a painting about the fatness of buds, the whitey-greenness, those rounded, shiny serated leaves which I found vaguely playful and an absence of thorns...and love, attraction, sensuality.....
a bientot


Anonymous said...

I like the vase it this piece and all the texture.I bet this one is even nicer in person ?!

Anonymous said...

Well, i like those whites, great textures.