Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Bargain Roses from Hoogvliet no 4

I have a friend who occasionally buys himself wilting bunches of cut-price flowers and brings them into the studio, If I turn up he pretends they were for me and I pretend to believe him. Then I get my own back by making paintings of them (Bargain Roses from Hoogvliet No 4, oil on canvas, 40 x 40 cms May 2008) such as this affectionate little scribble from this morning.
a bientot


Anonymous said...

Love this one Jane.The colors are wonderfully subdued ! Great composition too.

Anonymous said...

I put a little mention of your work and link to this blog in my todays posting.Cheers Jane !

Jane Walker said...

Look forward to reading it when I check your blog later - thank you! Did a soft ground etching today which came out ok and made me feel more positive about etching! :))


Haha love how he pretends they were for you, really stunning painting Jane - wish i had your skill and flar.