Sunday, 18 May 2008

Rise up

How funny that I never blogged this before - a stray from the uninspiringly-named red/blue series that I made after I arrived in the Netherlands. I felt totally blocked but I wasn't really - it was just a frame of mind - at least I was making things. This has all the usual elements of the time - the shutters, the red couch (trust me, that is a red couch) the couple with pale woman and brown man, the funny disjointed still life in the foreground that is quirky and fuzzy.
a bientot


amber said...

I love this! I can feel that moment:)) Your has a presence that I like

amber said...

oops i meant to type your art has a presence
hehe sorry

Jane Walker said...

Thanks Amber - somehow the tile has got mixed up and rise up is a huge charcoal life study so I am glad I checked out your comment in the real!! Anyhow am really pleased to get a response to this one - do you have a blog yourself?