Monday, 15 October 2007

Baygin (Fainting)

As you were.. we are back in the erotic.. This painting's Turkish name - Baygin - means something like fainting.. and since I made it three or four years ago when I was living in Cyprus and learning Turkish that is no doubt where the Turkish concept comes from. (A2, mixed media on paper 2003) As an antidote to the roses of yesterday, and while my next roses paintng is giving me hell, I offer this strange work which is probably a lovemaking scene. You may well wonder why I don't know for sure but then I was only the person painting it through whom it flowed. As with many works from that period I am also not too sure how I made it (charcoal, white acrylic, ink...) but the feeling was right and a womanly passion comes over, I hope.
a bientot


muddy red shoes said...

definately full of passion, brilliant jane.

Anonymous said...

I really like this a lot ! It's funny because, I was just jotting down my thoughts on my posting today about not knowing what my work is about, especially at first but, sometimes they become clearer to me later on in the process.That's why I hate the questions people ask, not really hate but, I'm sure they don't understand me in my explanations.

Anonymous said...

wow this is awesome