Friday, 26 October 2007

Figure in a landscape

This is Henriette near the beginning of a series of poses where she gradually disrobed from pose to pose. These all set her in accidental rather lunar landscapes. In posting them I realise I have got them completely out of sequence since by yesterday's painting she had draped that skirt over her shoulder and in the one before that she was completely nude. This is a different kind of order.. possibly order of preference. (chalk on recycled acrylic painting on torn paper approx 35 x 35 cms. 2006) Last one tomorrow and then I will be in Cyprus for a week painting Agneszka and catching up with artist colleagues and friends.
a bientot

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Anonymous said...

Great piece ! I love this series you've been working on a very much.The colors in this and angles are fabulous.Keep it up ! Have a wonderful trip in Cyprus, should be interesting to see what work comes from this vacation.