Saturday, 13 October 2007

Henriette sitting

Two works today from Friday morning's session. A line drawing from the series of quick poses to warm up and a more developed drawing that includes the model, her reflection and my colleague at work on the same scene. The colour drawing has an intensity in the centre, especially where the light falls on the model's reflected shoulder, from which the rest of the drawing radiates .... light bleaches everything as we have an immense, very light airy studio and work in the mornings. Soon I am going to be working in candlelight with a couple so there will be totally diferent results.
a bientot

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Anonymous said...

Hi, This is Sylvia Chan, Farhads friend who's currently living in London. I checked out your blog with your artwork, and i really have to say, I just love the expressive, in the moment feel from your work. The ones i find appealing to me are the ones with the couple, together alone pieces. They're beautiful in their own way.

-All the best in your upcoming art pieces,
Sylvia Chan