Thursday, 25 October 2007

Nude on recycled painting

This is the third picture from this series of chalk nude studies on a torn acrylic ex-painting (approx 35 x 20, 2006) and shows a favorite model - Henriette - holding a two minute standing pose in which she appears to be half way through an undressing sequence. These present a faming problem of course which Sharon seems to think could be solved by mounting them on slate... intriguing!
a bientot


Anonymous said...

This is wonderful, so full of vibrancy, life and intense energy.You could also mount it on a piece of black heavy paper and then frame it in a black frame.This way your piece can be wall hung and still stand out because of the black surrounding it.

JorisDR said...

this one's really good,
the way it stands in the paper,
and the white highlights