Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Leave us this is private..

One of my ink drawings from about a year ago made very quickly from imagination but in oblique ways containing references to some erotic drawings I sketched from a book belonging to friends in India.. these were attributed to Gericault and thought to have been drawn from life. This composition is in a similar vein but is my own - apart from one borrowing from Gericault which is the gesture of the outstretched hand of the man, seeming to say to the artist "leave us, this is private.."
a bientot


Sheri Burhoe said...

I feel like I should to go away, like I'm obviously watching something very private so, that is a great title for this piece.I love the drawing and the dark intensity of the sketch.

Anonymous said...

More peace and love in art, thats nice!
Nice contrast of smooth woman and hairy man.
Your pictures are always telling a story to think about.
You triggered me to look at my own erotic art from years ago.
I put them on