Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Tomorrow, that poisoner

Tomorrow, that poisoner, Jane Walker 2004. Oil on canvas 50 x 60 cms.
An airoplane is flying towards them,
Shut their eyes
Show instead how those insolent tulips
Unfurl new magic every time,
Keeping at bay
That poisoner...
A composition that I interpreted several times but only this time with that poem. And only this time with Tulips whereas usually where you see tulips there have been candles. Tulips..... the Turkish symbol of perfect love... and a powerful image in Holland too - so another of my transitional objects? Flowers.... The quotation from the poem is mine and the reference to 9/11 disturbing but beyond my control. Survivor problems... All the grey paint is a layer of emotion laid down in seconds. I hope it comes over...
a bientot

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