Wednesday, 4 July 2007

My Roses

These flowers are still alive and I am still enjoying them. (40 x 30cms, oil on canvas). I told the friend who gave them to me that I longed to paint them. It is a total departure from my usual subject .. but yes, that is the point - it may indeed become a total departure from my usual subject. Since I have a whole exhibition to mount right now, and I just feel I want to run away, I have eloped with a subject that has a virginal quality for me - there is so much deflowering of these flowers for me to do. When I see a human figure I think I should know by now where to start ... but with roses I know I have everything to learn. There is one picture by Morandi and one picture by Asik Mene that I keep in my mind. Otherwise only the flowers themselves can teach me. From time to time you are going to find out what they imparted.
a bientot


Alberto, il pittore said...

magical, mysterious, universal... what a great work of art is. you put your soul in this one....I'll tip my hat to you any day

Anonymous said...

Nice - very pretty.

muddy red shoes said...

I like these Jane, I love your misty dreamlike view of the world.

Rodrigo said...

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