Monday, 9 July 2007

A life study

Something I made in the last twelve minutes of a model session a couple of years ago - with a great model called Pambos - (see side panel photo) I guess it is about A2 size with charcoal and white chalk. For my Open Studio this weekend I am wallpapering a room with drawings like this .. it is a big room and a lot of work - but the drawings are not lacking - in fact I could probably manage several of these rooms before i run out of them - I think I would like to show how we artists have our scales and arpeggios and limbering up too - and need to keep in practise like musicians and gymnasts.
a bientot


Anonymous said...

Nice piece, like the angle of the figure and the muted color palette.Would love to see pictures of your room done up with these drawings.

muddy red shoes said...

hope it went well, the open studio, definatly agree about the keeping fit bit...