Monday, 16 July 2007

Model and Frits

One of my earliest drawings from the Rijswijk studio, (58 x 74 cms chalk pastel on paper) a litttle over a year ago .. i was fascinated by all the paraphenalia on the table in the foreground which is nowadays usually occupied by Alberto's painting materials so i don't have it in my frame. Frits though, is always right there, in front of the table, making an oil portrait in the second half of the session., where I captured him in this drawing. I am not reflected this time - it is a third-party artist model relationship .. Frits looking intently at Henriette. It belongs to that time when I was first so captivated by the immensity of the studio space and way it is bathed in light.
a bientot


Frits de Groot said...

Nice to see myself back in your drawing!
A good captured relaxed position of Henriette.
Recognizable is my "hair of the head" and ofcourse i have a first class position in the room for the
details of my portrait.
You can see the clear results of many Henriettes on my artsite as you like.

muddy red shoes said...

love the light in this one