Thursday, 15 November 2007

On acid

I've been on acid.. I have lost my acquatint virginity.. I'm a rebel with a cause: a process full of lovely rules all made to be broken. This, (Cypriot Ficus Pods, approx 20 x 30 cms: acquatint) is my first attempt at printmaking in a real chemical hazard zone, or should I say graphics studio. (Apart from a few lino prints made at home, that is.) There are some wonderfully engineered machines, some of them quite mediaeval in character, and lots of dangerous looking bottles and bins and tubs and acid baths. I cannot think why they let me loose in there but Henk is keeping an eye on me. Next project? The etching needle meets the male nude... could be painful for someone. Watch this space.
a bientot


Sheri Burhoe said...

This is beautiful ! I would love to do a technique such as this is the future, well at the very least lino cut prints.


this is so dainty - love it - i also like how you write about your subject - very informative, you should publish a book - you can via have you heard of it? I think you should go for it!