Saturday, 10 November 2007


Petra looks as though she has escaped from a production of Wagner's Ring of the Nieberlungen: fortunately she laughed when I told her that. Definitely a Rhine Maiden - long chestnut hair in bunches, round face and wide apart blue eyes with the most curvacious body that makes you think of drawing a fluffy white cloud. This is just a ten minute pose with some of the lines a bit overdrawn I am afraid.. and then the long pose didn't work out because I should have stopped at a certain point but carried on and killed it... it happens. Can't wait to get her back for another session.
a bientot

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red tin heart said...

i looked through all your works and found them to be wonderful.. you are too hard on your self in your self portrait, you have a lovely face. i always tend to be critical of my looks as well. it is a femelle thing. xoxo nita