Sunday, 11 November 2007

Sympathy for the model?

I have been told by one of my criticallest critics that my work suggests I have issues about model sympathy. "You need to suffer as a model yourself", says he, "to understand how to empathise with the model working for you". Well here is a strange picture - very very quickly made. I can be detected in the background right, looking pretty menacing I would say, and not too sympathetic at all. I admit I was probably thinking less about the model's discomfort than how I was going to get all that down in such a short time. But the pose was her own choice. I have since tried modelling for a colleague and found it an interesting experience having the boot on the other foot.. I am not sure how I would rate my colleague's model sympathy but gratifyingly the result was sold almost immediately ....
a bientot

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Alberto, il pittore said...

Love the colours in this work. very interesting composition. you made the pastel sing, amazing