Monday, 5 November 2007

Sharon's painting

I am just back from Cyprus catching up with my friends' work and enjoying temperatures touching 30 degrees and a warm sea. I made some sketches of Agnieszhka and her dog and cat who posed more co-operatively than some models i can think of. Never work with children and animals? Not this time. I will begin those paintings this week. In the meantime the very last of the chalk nudes on torn painting series which Sharon bought from my last exhibition. She kindly made me this photograph...
a bientot


JorisDR said...

thank's for the great comment..
So? you did study in Brussels.
St-Lucas?or the academy

i like the fact there's no head,
are you actually able to sell paintings succesfully?
Because i'm planning to sell some of my own works.


Jane Walker said...

Joris, I was at Uccle in Anne Thirion's studio - about 15 hours a week in mainly evenings.. very good training. Four year diploma. I had a small baby so it fitted well with my life.
About once every two years I have an open studio or a show and I make my prices very low and sell a lot. This clears my studio and makes me feel many kilos lighter and able to move on and do something different. Good luck