Monday, 11 June 2007

Letting (reality) Go

This is another artist and model fantasy from the same series as the previous painting. As with all this series it is based on 2.50 euros-worth of model time - about 15 minutes - and some hours of further thought and action to transport it onwards from the reality of the model session.

It develops into an erotic dream that owes a certain amount as always to Asik Mene, also in some ways to Tracey Emin, to Picasso's Vollard Suite and to some of Schiele's artist and model works in its investigation of the artist's motives and desires - be they carnal, artistic or something else.... but I have yet to find another who is tackling this subject head-on. I will continue to deepen it because the eroticism of my past work in Cyprus is just beginning to synthesise with the more recent artist-model works in an encouraging way. I wonder what is going on....

a bientot

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muddy red shoes said...

Jane, put a reminder to people to click on the image as these really come to life in a bigger version, love the fragile pencil lines.