Friday, 22 June 2007

Transitional Objects

When I came to the Netherlands from Cyprus the tension seemed to disappear from my compositions with couples and for a while I was confused, and, worse, begining to lose interest in them. But I liked this one. It seemed rather a transitional work (Ja****ne, 2006 oil on canvas , 24 x30 cms, rather a soft photo , sorry) and partly because of the dog. Discovering the museums of Den Haag, Haarlem and Amsterdam I amused myself noting how many of the old master paintings have a small dog in the foreground. A symbol, of course of fidelity, in the widest sense, which sometimes has to be tested by separation. The candles can mean so many things and maybe here are about the uncertainty of something so easily extinguished. The man is looking towards the candles as if to will them to keep burning. The woman is carried off in a dream. In that sense it remains a part of my Together-alone concept (See postings below.) yet seems, maybe because of the pretty colours, to contain a hint of something positive: humour or optimism.
a bientot

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