Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Me and the model in minutes

Sometimes there is only five minutes to capture a pose ... before you put a mark down you have to look for as long as you dare and choose.. you have a large piece of grey paper and a lot of chalk pastel colours and the elements to juggle are the model in the space, her reflection and your own reflection. Since I do not want just to draw the thing in front of me I have to create a relationship - the artist and model again .. I think, in the end, the most deepened, substantial part of the work is the self portrait, the model is almost transparent, as if I stare straight through her and her reflected head to my puzzled, concentrating face... And it seems the red cascade of drapes, flowers and the model's wrap caught my first sweeping eye over the scene.. (A2, pastel on paper, 2007)
a bientot

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Anonymous said...

There is always something I absolutely love about these quick sketches.Interesting piece !