Thursday, 21 June 2007


Well, what about this image... it is not a great photo of it but this is the little one on the wall in front of me as I write this blog. (Untitled, 2005, oil pastel approx 25 x 25 cms.) I am clinging on to it until Cherry Denman (her site under construction, sorry) carries out her threat to come asking for it. This morning I was chatting with Sarah from Muddy Red Shoes (see links) about the latest Jeff Koons images she had just seen that provoked Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells-type feelings. Oh dear, I said, the red painting I will be posting today is one of the more erotic ones.. Suffice it to say, she sent me the Koons link and I ceased to fear to post. Take my advice and don't go there... meanwhile my credo is that there's always room for erotic art that is first of all using artistic criteria, does not set out to shock gratuitously and has that feminine accent on pleasure, passion and joy, as well as the sadder more negative kind of aspects you find in, say, Tracey Emin. Approached that way it is actually a very underexplored subject, which is strange, given that it reflects such an important aspect of life. Meanwhile, if you prefer pornography, you don't need to spend millions on a Jeff Koons when you can go to your newsagent and buy something pretty similar from the top shelf for a few euros. I know what I prefer.....

a bientot


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Anonymous said...

It's wonderful ! { We should do a trade sometime } I love the way the figures merge, just blurred enough.Great composition and colors.The one below I also like but, I prefer, or take to rather, this one.